A deadly tornado that struck a Texas Panhandle hamlet on Thursday has claimed at least three lives while obliterating caravan houses, bringing down communication towers and leaving the entire neighborhood in the dark.

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More than 8,000 people reside in Perryton, which is close to the Oklahoma border and was struck by a tornado on Thursday afternoon, according to the Amarillo National Weather Service.

According to Perryton Fire Chief Paul Dutcher, one person perished when a tornado “directly hit” a mobile home park.

While between 75 and 100 individuals were being treated for injuries ranging from mild to serious, two further casualties have already been confirmed deceased.

The devastating storm completely cut out the town’s power, including the main hospital that was caring for injured citizens during the mayhem.

According to the poweroutage.us website, more than 224,000 consumers were still without power in Texas as of 3.30am local time on Friday. A startling 91 percent (8,910 out of 9,775) of the consumers in Perryton’s native county of Ochiltree were without electricity.

First responders from surrounding areas and from Oklahoma flocked to help the town, which is home to more than 8,000 people and about 115 miles northeast of Amarillo, just south of the Oklahoma line.

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Beaver County, Oklahoma, deployed fire, law enforcement, and EMS units across the state border to Perryton, according to Keith Shadden, the county’s emergency manager, who spoke to CNN.

“When the weather becomes better”, he added, “they’ll send more help”.

The Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office, the Borger Police Department, the Booker Fire Department, and the City of Fritch have all offered assistance as well.

Storm chaser Brian Emfinger described seeing the twister tear through a mobile home park, destroying trailers and uprooting trees, to Fox Weather.

The state’s Division of Emergency Management has been instructed to send emergency response resources to the town to help with everything from water restoration to traffic management, according to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s announcement on Thursday.

Greg Abbott has ordered state emergency response resources to help the badly affected town.