The last time a man set foot on the moon was in 1972. As part of the Apollo 17 mission, astronauts returned with a large number of samples and studied a large portion of the lunar surface. A video has been circulating on social media that purports to show “bloopers” from the astronauts’ moonwalk.

The video was released by the account @konstructivizm, and it depicts multiple astronauts losing their balance while walking on the moon in their space suits and falling. “Bloopers from NASA showing astronauts losing their balance while walking on the moon,” reads the video’s caption.

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Since it was posted, the video has gained over 350,000 views on Twitter, with many social media users responding with wonderfully hilarious answers. People liked the video quite a lot. “This is what happens when you don’t know how to perform the moonwalk,” one person said, referring to the late singer Michael Jackson’s famous dance move.

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“Don’t rip, don’t rip, don’t rip…” commented another person, referring to the astronauts’ space suits. Another footage from space went popular earlier this week, thanks to businessman Anand Mahindra. It depicted an astronaut floating in space, working on the International Space Station ( ISS ) , which is orbiting the Earth. “Just amazing to see,” Mahindra wrote. “It’s like an extraterrestrial ballet. #MondayMotivation I want to start my week believing that my work will be as important— and as fascinating—as this astronaut’s.”

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According to Wonder of Science, the video was taken during a spacewalk on July 21st, 2020 to replace Nickel-Hydrogen batteries located on the exterior of the ISS with newer Lithium-Ion batteries. “