Police and fire crews and investigating the scene of a train derailment on the track near East Huron River Drive and Haggerty in Van Buren Township, Michigan, the public safety department of the area said on Thursday morning.

Western Wayne County Authorities said that they were conducting an “active railroad accident investigation” and residents were to avoid the area. Police Chief James Wright told WWJ that the incident occurred around 9 a.m. on February 16

Police found two containers toppled on the side when they arrived on the scene. The reason for the train derailment is not yet known since there was no collision that occurred to explain such an incident. At least six cars were pushed off the tracks.

The cars were not carrying any hazardous materials, Wright added and there is no threat to the public. The fire department says the derailment is causing traffic issues. There were also no reports of injuries. The cause for the containers to come off the tracks is currently being investigated. The public has been requested to stay away from both the north and southbound area.

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