Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer John Lauro is being accused on social media of using ‘pound the table’ strategy to get Judge Chutkan to delay the trial date.

Lauro was observed to seem exasperated in court today with Judge Chutkan asking him to keep the “temperature down”. In an attempt to delay the trial date, he emotionally stated,” If we were big corporations in America, where only thing at stake is money, no one would blink an eye for a 2 year delay. But this man’s freedom is at stake…”. To this, Judge Chutkan replied, “I understand. But you’re not getting 2 more yrs. This is not going to trial in ’26”, noting that the grand jury investigation has been ongoing for more than a year.

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What is “pounding the table”?

“Pounding the table” is a phrase often used to describe someone displaying strong emotion or frustration during a discussion or argument. When a person pounds the table, they might be using physical gestures to emphasize their point, show passion, or try to make their argument more compelling. This action is typically seen as a form of nonverbal communication that can convey the intensity of the speaker’s feelings or convictions.

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The action of pounding the table can be seen as a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can effectively capture the attention of the audience and underscore the speaker’s conviction about their argument. It has the potential to convey urgency and seriousness, potentially swaying opinions in a heated debate. On the other hand, excessive table-pounding might be perceived as a loss of composure or an inability to maintain a rational and calm demeanor. This could diminish the credibility of the speaker’s argument and shift the focus from the content of the discussion to the emotional display itself.