A conservative
businesswoman and mother against a far-left birthing parent and a career
politician; this is the narrative that Tudor Dixon, the Republican nominee for the
Michigan governor seat, seeks to project ahead of the elections in November. Dixon,
45, who enjoys the support of former President Donald Trump, has crafted her
election campaign around her opposition to sitting governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Dixon took
the stage for her victory speech on Tuesday and said, “The battle lines in this
race couldn’t be any clearer. This is gonna be an epic battle between a
conservative businesswoman and mother and a far-left birthing parent and career

“Now we
have the opportunity to truly hold Gretchen Whitmer accountable for the pain
she has inflicted upon each and every one of us during the past four years,”
added Dixon.

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Tudor Dixon’s
Republican primary race hasn’t been a cakewalk. She was in the fray along with
a host of candidates, including real estate broker Ryan Kelley, pastor Ralph
Rebrandt, businessman Kevin Rinke and chiropractor Garrett Soldano. Before
Donald Trump extended support to Dixon, she was being seen as the establishment
candidate in the race. Trump’s support bolstered her chances with the far

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At her victory
speech, Dixon reiterated her political planks and laid out her plans if she
were to be elected governor. She said she would bolster the state’s education
system and make cities in Michigan safer and give a boost to job creators. “I
have watched as our state, our people, have lost their jobs, their life savings
and their promised futures. I’ve talked to countless people who feel less safe
in their communities and whose kids were locked out of their classrooms,” said
Dixon, adding, “It’s unacceptable. And frankly, Michigan, we deserve better.”  

Tudor Dixon
blamed both Whitmer and President Joe Biden for the signs of economic weakness
plaguing the economy.