The United States on Friday successfully administered 100 million COVID-19 shots, according to an official inoculation tracker.  

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that a total of 101,128,005 jabs were administered as of Friday afternoon, reported AFP. 

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Over 35 million people in the US, which makes up around approximately 10% of the total population have received both doses of their COVID-19 vaccine, while nearly 20% of the people have been given at least the primary jab. 

The US has three vaccine variants currently in circulation, produced by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. 

Around 50 million doses of the Pfizer variant have been administered, 49 million of Moderna’s, 900,000 of Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine, with around 100,000 falling under the unidentified category, reported AFP. 

In response to the struggles faced by the people, US President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan on Thursday, which is expected to lift millions out of the pandemic-induced struggles and ease the significant financial burden. 

President Joe Biden’s administration had initially targeted achieving this milestone by his hundredth day in office, that is, April 30.

Biden initially targetted the 100 million milestone by April 30, which would be his 100th day as the President of the US.

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According to the tracker maintained by the CDC, a total of 529,301 deaths have been recorded in the US, which remains to be the worst affected country in the world.