Pat Harrigan, the US House candidate whose parents’ home was fired at last month, emphasised the importance of Americans coming together on the eve of the 2022 midterm elections.

“I think we all have to step back, regardless of what political party we’re in, and we have to say: Are we willing to sacrifice our values on the altar of scoring political points? The answer must be no, regardless of what party we’re from,” Harrigan stated as per CNN.

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Last month, a shot was fired at Harrigan’s Hickory home. The politician’s parents own the house.

The shooting happened while Harrigan’s parents and kids were at home. Although there were no reported injuries, the family was under “tremendous stress” in the last weeks of his campaign, according to the mother of the GOP candidate.

On October 19, the shooting was reported to the police. There have been no detentions. According to Kristen Hart, a spokeswoman for the Hickory Police Department, the investigation is ongoing.

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Marla Harrigan, James Harrigan’s mother, revealed to the Associated Press that on the evening of October 18, a gunshot shattered their laundry room window as they were watching television down the hall.

When they called 911, the Hickory Police Department responded, and they recorded in the police report that there was a gun involved in the event.

In order to represent the 14th Congressional District of North Carolina, Harrigan is seeking election to the US House. In the November 8 midterm elections, he was a candidate. He defeated Jeff Jackson’s opponent, Jonathan Simpson, in the Republican primary on May 17.

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The 3- and 5-year-old children of the congressional candidate were fast sleeping in the room right above where the shooting took place.

Harrigan is a gun manufacturer. According to political analysts, the 2022 map favours Republicans in seven of the state’s 14 congressional districts and Democrats in six, with one toss-up district in the Raleigh suburbs.