On Saturday morning, Vivek Ramaswamy lost himself in music while rapping to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”

At Gov. Kim Reynolds’ Fair-Side Chat at JR’s South Pork Ranch within the Iowa State Fairgrounds on Saturday at 8:30 a.m., Ramaswamy gave a speech. Ramaswamy donned a red hat, seized a microphone, and began rapping to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” as he posed for photos with spectators and admirers.

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He had just earlier revealed to Reynolds that his preferred tune to exit political gatherings was the 2002 hit.

As the first hip-hop song to receive that honour, the song received an Oscar in 2003 for “8 Mile”‘s best original song.

Young voters have become a focal point of Ramaswamy’s campaign. He is the youngest contender vying for the Republican nomination at the age of 38. At a meet and greet on Friday night at Jalapeo Pete’s, he took selfies with young voters.

On Saturday morning, Ottumwa resident Katie Howard, 67, heard Ramaswamy speak for the fourth time. She claimed that on Friday she volunteered at one of his campaign events held at the fair.

“He is bringing young people into the campaign,” Howard said. “I worked that booth for several hours and I haven’t seen that many young people approach a political stand ever.”

Ramaswamy revealed to Republican Governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds during their “Fair Side Chat” that his preferred walk-out song is the rap hit by Eminem.

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The youthful biotech entrepreneur was addressed by Reynolds, 64, who said, “I am really starting to understand my age.”

Despite believing that there are “good Republicans” in the campaign for president who “can beat Joe Biden,” Ramaswamy assured the governor of Iowa that he still expects to be the nominee.

Republican candidates seeking Iowa voters and caucus attendees will be at the Iowa State Fair from August 11 to 15.