A clash between the Waffle Day employees and customers on Christmas Day turned violent. The dispute at Waffle House, North location, on Eatonton Road over a to-go order ended with two arrests. 

Both the people arrested – 27-year-old woman, Alexis Shaianne Smith and a 35-year-old man, Roderick Ramone Brown – are from Madison. They were charged with alleged disorderly conduct and threatening a Waffle House employee, according to Madison Police Department. 

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Both Madison Police Department officers and Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the altercation reported at the Waffle House. Several persons were reported “yelling” outside the restaurant when the officers reached the spot. 

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Multiple videos of the incident surfaced on social media and went viral. Both employees and alleged customers could be seen acting violently. 

Twitter users circulated various memes around the Waffle House quarrel. 

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Upon investigation, Roderick Ramone Brown stated that he had placed a to-go order. And the food he received, was not corresponding to the order that he requested. He initiated a verbal argument with the Waffle House Manager, a woman, he confirmed. 

The 27-year-old, Alexis Shaianne Smith was “acting belligerent” when he was being inquired about the incident, the reports mentioned. She was then made to sit in the patrol car.

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Recording the woman manager’s statement, the officers acknowledged that there were several children present inside the restaurant when the clash took place. She said that she offered Ramone Brown a refund for mistaken order and as she and Brown were walking outside the restaurant, Smith took a swing at the manager, she alleged. 

Smith told officers that she tried to hit the manager, the report mentioned. Both Brown and Smith were then taken to the Morgan County Detention Center and booked into jail.