Sha’Kyra Aughtry, a Buffalo woman saved a mentally disabled
old man from a deadly snowstorm.

Aughtry heard Joey, a 61-year-old mentally disabled
man crying in the middle of the storm. She took him to her house, fed him, gave
him blankets to get warm, and made him comfortable in her house.

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According to the reports, Joey came out of fourth degree
frostbite and is being monitored in the burn unit.

The United States has been hit by winter storms which have
resulted in over 30,000 people losing electricity in Buffalo.

Who is Sha’Kyra Aughtry?

Sha’Kyra Rain Aughtry is a woman who lives in Buffalo. She is
a mother of three children who won everyone’s hearts over her warm gesture in
the Buffalo’s snowstorm of December 24, 2022.

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Aughtry and her boyfriend Trent found a 61-year-old man
Joey stuck in the deadly snowstorm. They brought the old man home to help him
in the freezing storm. Aughtry gave the old man blankets, food, and clothes. They
had to cut Joey’s frozen socks off and use a hairdryer to dry his frozen pants.

Aughtry made Joey talk to his family and even asked for help
through Facebook to take him to the hospital.

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People on Twitter praised Aughtry’s kind gesture and called her a
true angel.

American boxing promoter and film producer Louis John DiBella Jr. wrote
on Twitter, “This is the most
moving thing I’ve seen this Christmas season. For all the evil and hate that we
are exposed to, angels like Sha’Kyra Aughtry still roam this world in
significant numbers. That is so very reassuring. God bless her and all who
helped … and Joey.”

Michele Wright, a canadian music artist also took to Twitter and wrote, “Hands,
heart, feet of God. Angels on earth. God bless Sha’Kyra, Trent, Joey &
social media helpers. It’s why we live/give.”

American ring announcer of boxing
Michael Buffer tweeted, “The world is a better place than we dreamed possible
because of people like Sha’Kyra Aughtry! Happy Holidays with love to you
Sha’Kyra…you’re an Angel”

According to the reports, the snowstorms in the United States has killed more than 35 people.