Audrey Hale, 28, who murdered six people, including three children, at Covenant School in Nashville on Monday, reportedly had highly functioning autism.

Hale had been diagnosed with ‘high-functioning’ autism and investigators disclosed that she was also being treated by medical professionals.

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Her parents, Norma and Ronald Hale, were aware that she had a firearm but advised her to sell it because they believed she could not be trusted with it.

Despite being treated for an emotional illness, Hale was able to purchase seven guns.

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According to Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake, Hale, who was transgender, lawfully bought seven guns from different local stores, including the three she used to murder six people at the Covenant School on Monday.

She brought two firearms and a pistol to The Covenant School on the day of the killings. Another two weapons were seen being removed from the home yesterday in a footage acquired by Daily Mail.

At a news briefing on Monday, Nashville Police Chief John Drake said of her family, “They felt she had one weapon and that she had sold it.”

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Drake earlier stated that authorities are investigating whether Hale’s gender identity played a part in the massacre. It’s uncertain whether Hale identified as a guy or a woman, but police have used female pronouns to refer to her. On some social media profiles, Hale used masculine pronouns and the name Aiden.

When cops searched Hale’s family house in the wake of the shooting, they discovered the weapons — as well as a manifesto.