A man who went on a fishing adventure in the hopes of catching a shark ended up catching a rare sawfish. Ian Atherton, from Lancashire in the United Kingdom, was in Florida with Fin & Fly Charters, hoping to catch a shark off Florida’s Space Coast.

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Ian felt a tug on his rod after dangling some bluefish on his hook as bait and imagined he had captured a shark. For nearly an hour, the fish fought. When Ian approached the shore, he discovered it wasn’t a shark at all, but rather a rare 13-foot-long sawfish.

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Sawfish have a saw on their head known as a rostrum. It can reach a length of about five feet. The carpenter shark is another name for this species. Sawfish can grow to be up to 16 feet long. Because of overfishing in the last century, they have been designated as an endangered species.

The fish’s nose resembles a hedge trimmer and can grow to be 4 or 5 feet long on a huge sawfish. In the wild, the fish swings back and forth through a school of small baitfish. Because the sawfish’s mouth is on the underside of the giant fish, a whack from the saw would stun it, allowing the sawfish to pick it up from the ocean floor. Crustaceans and other bottom-dwelling creatures are also eaten by sawfish.

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Sawfish are closely related to stingrays, not so much to sharks, yet they are occasionally caught using the same tactics. They live in Florida seas, but their wild population is a paltry fraction of what it was when pioneer families began fishing coastal waters with nets 120 years ago.

Fin & Fly Charters captioned a video of the sawfish, “Our client Ian from the UK caught this giant 13ft endangered sawfish on one of our shark fishing trips.”

The fish was nicknamed a “dinosaur” by one user. Another person described it as a “beast.”