Tick Tock Day is a day that marks the power and value of
time. It is celebrated on December 29 of every year to celebrate
and honor every moment of the time passing by.

Tick Tock comes at the end of the year to remind everyone to
complete any unfinished task or business. It basically tries to ensure that
people should complete all the pending work and complete their to-do lists
before welcoming the new year.  

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Tick Tock Day is said to be created by an American film,
voiceover, and television actor Thomas Roy along with his wife Ruth Roy. They did
so to remind people that the year is about to end in two days so people should
get done with all the things that they planned on accomplishing before the end
of the year.

Some believe that Tick Tock Day was invented by two friends as
an alternative to partying outside to celebrate the New Year. The two wanted to
welcome the year with a celebration that didn’t include drinking and going out
to party. So, they invented Tick Tock Day and decided to spend the year’s last
few hours watching the clock ticking and counting to the new year for which
they also decided to set an alarm.

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This is considered the best time of the year to come
together and admire every beautiful moment spent in the year. It appreciates and
values time and makes people thank the year for all the enjoyable and
phenomenal moments spent as well as for the miraculous things in their lives. 

People celebrate Tick Tock Day in various ways but there are
some things that must be done on this day. Firstly, one should advance the
watches and clocks by a minute. The reason behind doing this is to get an extra
stretch of time to enjoy every day. It helps in keeping everyone on the same

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This day is also a great opportunity to relish the tinkles and
value the different sounds of wall clocks and watches.

Lastly, it is important to use the extra minute in doing
whatever you like to do. On this day, one should perform any task which gives
them joy and happiness.  

Tick Tock is a day to cherish the time spent and get ready to
build new memories in the coming moments.