Zack King, Levi White, and Thell Riddle are three police officials who have been seen in a video violently beating up a suspect during an arrest. Following the incident, King and White, who worked as deputies for the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department, have been suspended from their positions. Riddle, who is an officer with the Mulberry Police Department, has been sent on administrative leave.

CNN reports that Zack King and Levi White are not recently appointed officials and have been at their positions for quite some time. Riddle has also been a police officer “for many years”, according to Jimmy Damante, the Crawford County Sheriff.

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Crawford County Sheriff’s Department, in a statement released on Facebook, said that an address of an individual thought to be Zack King was shared on the internet. However, that person is a civilian and not the King who works as a deputy for the Sheriff’s Department. The statement also pointed out that investigations regarding the matter were being carried out by the FBI and the Arkansas State Police. Have a look at the statement right here:

In an earlier Facebook post the Crawford County Sheriff pointed out, “I hold all my employees accountable for their actions and will take appropriate measures in this matter”.

The Mulberry Police Department also released a statement in which it said, “The City of Mulberry and the Mulberry Police Department takes these investigations very seriously and holds all their officers accountable for their actions”.

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The individual who was being physically assaulted by the officials has been revealed to be Randal Worcester, 27, who is a resident of Goose Creek, South Carolina. In the video, while one of the officials was repeatedly punching Worcester’s face, another one can be seen kneeing him on his side and back on multiple occasions.