A 37-year-old Virginia mother was found naked with a missing 15-year-old teen by police officials, and she is now being charged with indecency. She is also charged with torturing the boy’s identical twin.

The woman has been identified as Ashleigh Watts.

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Who is Ashleigh Watts?

Ashleigh Watts is 37 years old. She is a resident of Virginia. Ashleigh Watts was initially arrested when law enforcement officers visited her home in Chesapeake, Virginia, in July while searching for the missing teenager. During this encounter, she requested that they wait outside while she put on a bra and tended to her dogs.

As per the court record, “Officers advised several minutes later that Watts returned to the door with her two dogs still in the residence, allowing them to enter. As officers removed the mattress in an upstairs bedroom, they were able to see a white male juvenile hiding in a small space that was only wearing boxer briefs. When asked by officers if he was [the runaway boy], he advised he was and presented his Learner’s Permit,” reported by the New York Post.

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Watts was initially accused of encouraging a minor’s delinquency. However, in light of the troubling associations she is said to have had with the minors, the accusations against her have since been increased to include three counts of indecency with a minor.

The twin boys lived across the street from Watts’ son, who was their age, and they were pals, according to court records. According to reports, Watts started focusing on the brothers more than a year before she was apprehended.

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Following a tip from an anonymous source in February that Watts and the boys may have had a sexual relationship, the police opened an inquiry into this mother of two.

As per reports, both families had a close relationship and were referred to as “very close friends.” The residences were conveniently situated across the street from one another and had an open-door policy, making them easily accessible to one another.