An Adele superfan who was applauded by the singer after standing up during her performance to record himself has acknowledged that he’s “not really sorry” for upsetting other fans. The fan has been recognized as Juan Pablo.

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Who is Juan Pablo?

Juan Pablo was an Adele fan who started recording during her concert in Las Vegas Residency. Juan Pablo can be seen standing up, joyfully singing along to Adele’s songs, and using a selfie stick to record himself in a video that he put on TikTok. His actions, however, unintentionally obscured the vision of those seated behind him.

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Before security personnel intervened, a fellow concertgoer, a woman seated behind Juan Pablo, requested that he take a seat. This caused Adele to briefly pause her performance of “Water Under The Bridge” and ask security to stop pestering him in order to stand up for the devoted fan.

As reported by TMZ, Pablo while reacting to the incident said, “’I’m sorry, I really am sorry, I only had one opportunity to see her and I took it. I took it as I wanted, I sang every song with her, I stood up…. well most of the songs with her, the ones I wasn’t bothered, I’m sorry.”

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In his interview, he also said, “I’m not really sorry, in part, I felt bad, when I was standing up, I had a little bit of a guilty feeling but they could have stood up too. In every other section, there were people standing up, if someone stood up in front of me, I would stand up and be above them.”

After the instance, the singer defended Pablo and instructed her to stand up. Adele was highly lauded on social media for her act as she stood for her fan during the concert.