Clark Mitchell is the designer of the recently released NFT card collection by former United States president Donald Trump. The 76-year-old said on Wednesday that he would make a “major announcement” on Thursday, 15th December.

There was a lot of speculation that he might announce his running mate for the 2024 presidential election, but he instead launched his first major NFT trading card collection. The launch was made on his social media platform TRUTH Social.

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Who is Clark Mitchell?

Clark Mitchell is a pop culture and digital artist based in the United States. Alongside working with entertainment brands such as Disney, Hasbro and Coke, he has also worked with sports franchises such as NFL, NBA and MLB. He has been an NFT artist for several celebrities and athletes. 

Among the famous people Mitchell has worked with in the past, there is Rambo star Sylvester Stallone, actor Vivica A. Fox, and rhythm and blues singer Ginuwine. 

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Mitchell has extensively worked with the MLB and has a series of NFTs on baseball and basketball players from the US. Some of the players featuring in his collections are MLB stars Dennis Boyd, Pete Rose, David Justice, Geroge Scott and Howard Johnson. 

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What is Trump’s NFT card collection?

The Donald Trump NFT trading cards can be bought from the official site for $99 each. The site says that they can be bought only with cryptocurrencies.

The biggest prize, a dinner date with the former president, will go to the buyer of all 45 cards. There will also be a Sweepstake contest for which the purchase of trading cards is not necessary and the winners of the contest will get to meet Trump.

The site mentions that the cards are ‘like baseball cards’ and there is nothing political in it. The FAQ section says that money collected from the sales is not for the Trump 2024 campaign.