Dan Price,
the founder and former CEO of credit card processor company, Gravity Payments
was recalled by the company’s employees.

Dan Price
is famous for setting base salaries at $70,000. According to the interviews
with the Seattle Times, former employees of Gravity Payments felt that Dan was
just obsessed with curating or presenting his compassionate personality. One of
his former employees in an interview said that the company was “just there to get Dan famous.”

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The former recruiter of Gravity,
Caitlin Palfenier said “He either wants you to worship him or if you don’t
worship him, he wants you to be afraid enough to not do anything about it.” 

Dan Price resigned on August 17,
2022, as the CEO of Gravity Payments after being accused of reckless driving
and sexual assault.

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Who is Dan

Daniel Joesph Price or
Dan Price was born on May 13, 1984, in Lansing Michigan, United States. He graduated
from a private school, Nampa Christian High. During his school days, he also
played bass guitar after joining a punk rock band, Straightforward. He then
studied at Seattle Pacific University.

In 2004, Dan along
with his brother Lucas Price started a merchant-services company called Price
& Price. Lucas was the original majority owner of the company as he provided
the seed money required for the opening of the venture. Then, in the year 2006,
Dan became the CEO of the company after which in 2008, they renegotiated their
ownership stake after which, they renamed the company Gravity Payments.

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On Mach 16, 2015, Lucas
filed a lawsuit against his brother Dan for involving in minority shareholder
oppression. He was accused of not involving Lucas in important business decisions,
which was a violation of their agreement to have a board meeting of two people.

On April 13, 2015, he announced
to raise the company’s minimum salary to $70,000 and reduced his compensation to
the same amount from $1.1 million. After this announcement which quickly went
viral, he became a celebrity in Seattle. He then appeared on a lot of magazine
covers and television and reportedly earned $10,000 per appearance for public

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In 2010, he was
invited to meet the then-US President Barack Obama after being awarded as the
National SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Many accusations were
made against Dan starting from the year 2013. He resigned as the company’s CEO on
August 17, 2022.

He got married to Kristie
Colon in 2005 and later got divorced in 2012.