person and businesswoman Kim Kardashian had really anxious moments to live with
when an intruder tried to barge into her house on Saturday, 15/10/22, in Los
 California. Luckily, the community’s security nabbed the offender after
a scuffle and he was soon handed over to the police. The suspect has been
identified as Deandre Williams.

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Williams is a three-time stalking offender. On Saturday, he was able
to slip through the community security. However, just before he was about to enter
Kim Karadashian’s $60m hidden hill property, he was caught by the security and after a
brief skirmish, was overpowered. Shortly after, the security forces called
the police who handcuffed and arrested the accused around 11am as reported by
TMZ. He has been charged with trespassing and battery charges. He is apparently
identified by the Sheriff’s deputies as
having been caught before in the surveillance videos as per TMZ. Luckily, Kim
Kardashain and her children North West, Chicago West, Psalm West and Saint
West, whom she shares with rapper Kenya West, were away from home. Kardashian
and Kenya West divorced earlier this year.

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It has been
uncovered that the suspect Williams had an infatuation on Kim Kardashian. This
isn’t the first time that her house has been the subject of an intrusion. Last
year, a man broke into Kardashain’s house before the guards stopped him from
doing further damage. The assaulter had even claimed to be Kim Kardashain’s
husband. In 2017 too, the house of Kardashian and her then husband Kenya West
was broken into and their cars were ransacked.

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In 2016,
Kim Kardashian was attacked in Paris by a well-knit group who managed to steal
money worth around nine million Euros. It had been the biggest robbery of an individual in France in two decades. Yunice Abbas, one of the 12
members arrested for the crime has written a book titled “I Kidnapped Kim