During a recent mail opening stream, Twitch streamer and YouTuber General Sam got a dead baby pig and a bit of radioactive uranium ore.

Through PO boxes, fans may send things to their favourite personalities, giving producers the chance to make mail opening videos or streams. This is one of the most interesting ways that streamers and YouTubers can communicate with their viewers.

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However, it can occasionally go awry because viewers can send in stuff that range from repulsive to actually destructive to a creator.

Youtuber and Twitch streamer General Sam experienced this when he opened his most recent batch of mail, which also contained some radioactive uranium ore and a dead, embalmed baby pig.

The seller of the uranium, United Nuclear, a supplier of scientific tools and supplies, claims that it is safe to handle the ore with bare hands as long as you wash your hands afterwards.

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Who is General Sam?

General Sam is an American YouTuber who posts humorous videos on a range of video games, including Escape from Tarkov and Elden Ring, but primarily first-person shooters. Despite the editing resembling Adult Swim 2000 more than the current Adult Swim feel that Ian MacLeod offers with his psychedelic editing, his material is akin to that of brutalmoose (Ian MacLeod).

Sam runs a podcast called Forehead Fables Podcast along with a couple of other people like AquaFPS.

His prior YouTube account was shut down for breaking their policies. Sam didn’t give up, he made a new account with attention to using acceptable language. Additionally, he plans to start selling merchandise online, and a website is already being worked upon.