BBC presenter Huw Edwards went viral on Twitter after an explicit Snapchat video of him got leaked online.

The video allegedly showed his buttocks was leaked, after which the presenter seems to have deleted his Instagram account. When one clicks on his handle, a blank page appears with the message, “Sorry, this page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.”

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Edwards has worked at BBC since he joined the organization as trainee in the 1980s. He has hosted a variety of national and international events as well as BBC News Six, BBC Weekend News, Daily Politics, and other programs.

He has covered significant occasions including the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Over the years, he has received a number of awards from BAFTA Cymru.

Who are Huw Edwards’ children?

Vicky Flind, a producer for programs like This Week, Peston, and Britain’s Next Prime Minister, is the wife of Huw Edwards. Five kids were born to the couple. This includes three sons, Dan, Sammy, and Amos, and two daughters, Hannah and Rebecca.

Huw claimed in an interview with Wales Online that his wife does not speak Welsh well, hence English is the primary language used at home. He continued by saying that only his two oldest children have learned Welsh. He said:

“They talk frequently to my mum who is back in Llanelli and they are very aware of the heritage of my dad and the fact he was such a big figure in Welsh language culture and are very proud of that.”

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Edwards is a doting parent. In an interview to the Guardian, he said, “There’s a principle that your youngest child gets a far better crack of the whip than your eldest. All your anxieties and inexperience and cluelessness as a parent are taken out on your eldest child. By the time you get to your youngest, in my case number five, you’re a brilliant parent. So if you could give a parent all the patience and knowledge that they would have with their second or third child or whatever to the first, that’s the one piece of advice I’d give.”

Edwards’ personal life is kept relatively private and not much information is available on his children.