BBC Breakfast viewers were left wondering about the absence of presenter Jon Kay on July 10 and July 11, 2023. Jon, who usually co-hosts the show with Sally Nugent from Monday to Wednesday, took to Twitter to share the reason behind his temporary departure.

In a tweet posted on Sunday night, Jon revealed that he had planned some time off to spend with his family. Expressing his excitement, he mentioned enjoying some extra sleep and long-awaited annual leave. Jon assured his followers that they would see him back on the iconic red sofa with his BBC Breakfast family in Salford after a two-week break.

Supportive messages from fans poured in, wishing Jon a fantastic holiday and expressing their anticipation for his return to the show.

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As per The Sun, during Jon Kay’s absence, his co-host Sally Nugent was seen on BBC Breakfast alongside Ben Thompson. Although Ben officially left the Breakfast show in 2022, he has frequently filled in for missing presenters.

In December 2021, Ben announced his departure, stating his move back to the global channel BBC World. However, he humorously mentioned that he would still make appearances on the BBC Breakfast sofa on select occasions, keeping it warm for his colleagues.

Jon Kay is scheduled to make his comeback on Monday, July 24, 2023. With his extensive experience and dedication to journalism, Jon has become a respected broadcaster since joining the BBC in 1992.

In July 2022, his appointment as the regular presenter of BBC Breakfast was met with excitement from both Jon and the show’s editor, Richard. Jon’s versatility in covering a wide range of news stories and conducting interviews has made him a valuable asset to the team.

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The Sun has reported that an unnamed BBC presenter has been suspended amid allegations of paying a teenager for explicit images. The presenter’s identity remains undisclosed. By turns top BBC presenters have trended on social media amid much speculation on the identity of the person.”

Speculation has arisen among netizens regarding the absence of BBC Breakfast presenter Jon Kay. On Tuesday, “John Kay suspended” top trended.

However, it’s important to note that there is no indication or evidence linking Jon Kay to the allegations. His announced two-week break, planned in advance for family time, should not be conflated with the unrelated scandal.

Until official information emerges, it is crucial to avoid jumping to conclusions and spreading unfounded rumors about Jon Kay’s involvement.