Racist emails between Donald Trump Jr and his friend Gentry Beach have surfaced. The two are being trolled on social media.

Beach attended the University of Pennsylvania with Trump Jr in the 1990s. He was also a groomsman at his wedding. He sued his former employer Touradji Capital Management and now the racist emails came into light during a retrial, as per the Wall Street Journal.

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“Tomorrow night we’re having jews for dinner,” Beach said in one email sent to Trump Jr.

“That’s kosher, right?”

The emails have comments about Jews and Mexicans. In one conversation, Trump Jr said that his friend should “Encourage the Mexicans to come to the US and give them another excuse to not learn English. When I have to speak to my grandchildren in Spanish, at least I know I will have you to thank.”

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Beach responded, saying that he was going to send his son down to the border with guns in order to “stop this wetback issue dead in its tracks.”

One more email exchange shows Trump Jr attacking Black New Yorkers. He declares that upper Manhattan had so many Black residents now that it “looks like Harlem,” and that he “can hear the theme song of the Jeffersons playing in the background.”

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According to WSJ, “The emails were part of a new legal defense by the hedge fund, which argued that the messages bolstered its arguments that Beach was disloyal to his employer and exposed the company to reputational harm, and so shouldn’t be compensated.”

Beach’s attorneys claimed, “The only legitimate purpose for peppering the record with references to the public figure’s name is to prejudice the jury pool for the retrial…”