New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba made Isaiah Marquez-Greene’s night and future, by gifting him a jersey of his back and a law school scholarship. The heartwarming moment went down on Thursday at Madison Square Garden, where the Toronto Maple Leafs played against the Rangers.

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Who is Isaiah Marquez-Greene?

Isaiah Marquez-Greene is a member of the Garden of Dreams Foundation. He survived the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 but lost his sister Ana in the tragic incident.

Marquez-Greene met his favorite player Trouba on the ice and got the #8 jersey as a gift. He is also a high school hockey player at Taft High School in Watertown, Connecticut.

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On December 14, 2022, a 20-year-old man shot and killed 26 people, mostly elementary school-age kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

“I’ve been a fan of you since Winnipeg Jets,” Marquez-Greene told the hockey defenseman.

Trouba was flattered and signed the jersey for Marquez-Greene but he had more in store for him.

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“I know your story. I feel for you. You’re an amazing human,” Trouba said.

Isaiah wants to be a lawyer and Trouba surprised him with a full scholarship.

“From the Garden of Dreams, this is a scholarship for law school! So you’re gonna graduate from college, you’re going to go to law school and you’re gonna have no debt coming out of school,” Trouba added.

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He also gave Isaiah his phone number to keep in touch so he gets his party invitation when he graduates.

“I want an invitation to when you graduate law school. And I’m gonna check in with you when you go to college next year,” Trouba said.

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Marquez-Greene’s mother, Nelba said the 18-year-old will be heading to UConn this fall. Nelba works with grieving families as a therapist. She launched The Ana Grace project, which helps support those who have suffered traumatic losses.