James “Fergie” Chambers has made remarks about the October 7 massacre of Israelis, stating that he sees “Beauty in Violence” and characterizing Hamas’ attack as “brutally necessary measures.” The statement suggests a connection to the concept of “Intifada,” invoking disturbing images such as mass rape, beheading babies, and the kidnapping of Holocaust survivors. These sentiments, if accurate, raise concerns about the glorification of violence and the impact on promoting peaceful coexistence. It is important to verify such statements through reliable sources and consider the broader context before drawing conclusions.

Who is James ‘Fergie’ Chambers?

James ‘Fergie’ Chambers, 38, has reportedly received significant financial support from his family, known as one of the eight wealthiest families in the U.S. and owners of Cox Enterprises. The Free Press revealed Chambers’ use of inheritance money to endorse a communist lifestyle and fund the far-left activist group Palestine Action US, which has been involved in harassing Jews across the nation.

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Chambers serves as the General Secretary of the Berkshire Communists, a Marxist-Leninist collective with the goal of establishing a powerful workers’ party. Despite his family’s substantial wealth, Chambers expressed a desire to legally evade taxes to avoid supporting what he calls the “US war machine.”

As a Cox family descendant, with a net worth of around $34 billion, Chambers, whose father co-owns the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, disassociated himself from his family in July, receiving a considerable payout. He now resides in New Hampshire due to its lenient gun laws, while his communist commune near Alford, Massachusetts, spans 300 acres and hosts around ten people at any given time. The on-site gym is open to working-class individuals but excludes cops, military personnel, and capitalists.

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Chambers, adorned with tattoos including headshots of Stalin and Mao Zedong, dedicates his Instagram posts to expressing anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist sentiments. The Berkshire Communists, documented through social media, are reportedly targeting Israeli supporters and expressing verbal support for Hamas, aligning with Palestinian groups. The group’s activities include raising livestock, playing music, and engaging in workouts, as showcased on their social media platforms.