Jared Corey Kushner, born January 10, 1981, is a businessman and investor from the United States. He worked as a top counselor to his father-in-law, 45th President of the United States Donald Trump. Kushner created Affinity Partners, a private equity business that receives the majority of its financing from the Saudi government’s sovereign wealth fund, after leaving the White House.

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Kushner is the son of former real-estate mogul Charles Kushner and is married to former President Trump’s daughter and fellow advisor Ivanka Trump. After his father was convicted and imprisoned for fraud, he took over control of his father’s real estate company, Kushner Companies, which established his business career. He later purchased Observer Media, the publisher of the New York Observer. He co-founded and owns a portion of Cadre, an online real-estate investment platform.

During Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, Kushner assisted with the development and execution of Trump’s digital media strategy. He was named a senior White House advisor in 2017, generating chatter about nepotism. He also sparked controversy due to his conflicts of interest, since he continued to engage in business, and even profited from legislative initiatives he fought for within the administration. Until May 2018, when Trump apparently intervened on Kushner’s behalf, he was unable to gain Top Secret Security clearance.

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As President Trump’s senior adviser, Kushner lobbied hard for the First Step Act, a criminal justice reform package that Trump signed into law in 2018. Kushner drafted Trump’s plan for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian problem, which was revealed in January 2020 and was widely regarded as highly favourable to Israel.

Kushner was the key Trump administration member in Middle East peace discussions that resulted in the signing of the Abraham Accords and other normalisation agreements between Israel and other Arab states in 2020. Kushner was a key figure in the Trump administration’s COVID-19 reaction, warning Trump early on that the media was inflating the pandemic’s severity. He was a key negotiator in the US-Mexico-Canada deal, for which he received awards from the Mexican government.

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Personal Life

Kushner has two sisters, Dara and Nicole, as well as a younger brother, Joshua. On October 25, 2009, he married Ivanka Trump in a Jewish ceremony. They met through mutual friends in 2005. Kushner and his wife, who converted to Judaism in 2009, are Modern Orthodox Jews who maintain a kosher home and observe Jewish Shabbat. They have three children: a daughter born in July 2011, a son born in October 2013, and a daughter born in March 2016.

Kushner’s father pleaded guilty to 18 felony counts of tax fraud, election irregularities, and witness tampering in 2004. Chris Christie, who eventually became Governor of New Jersey and was a member of Donald Trump’s election campaign team in 2016, prosecuted the case against Charles Kushner. Christie later alleged that Jared Kushner was responsible for his firing as retaliation for putting his father in prison.

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According to federal reports from 2017, Kushner and his wife have assets worth at least $240 million and up to $740 million. They also have an art collection worth millions that was not initially disclosed in the financial filings. According to the United States Office of Government Ethics, the amended disclosures are in accordance with the regulations and laws.