Jim Bachmann, a former pastor at the Covenant School where Nashville shooter Audrey Hale killed six people on Monday claimed they were being counselled by Chad Scruggs, the father of one of the victims, only to later say he had been mistaken.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Bachmann said in a surveillance video the police released Hale appeared to be searching for Scruggs, the current pastor at the Covenant School. Hale shot and killed Scruggs’ 9-year-old daughter, Hallie.

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Who is Jim Bachmann?

Jim Bachmann is the former pastor of the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. He called for love and tolerance after a reporter asked if thoughts and prayers were enough in wake of the mass shooting on Monday

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However, Bachmann said on Wednesday he had since realized he was wrong, according to a report by The Post. “I understand that they were not counseling, actually,” Bachmann said.

“I think there’s just some confusion because she had, years earlier.” “But these last two days I’ve had several messages from an assortment of people that not only was there no counseling between those two, that he didn’t even know her,” he added.

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Bachmann said representatives from the Covenant School have been in contact to tell him he was wrong. He added that he had been influenced by social media and the way had perceived the surveillance video of Hale released by the police.

He said since making claims he had been contacted by several people who worked at the school who had assured him Scruggs was not counseling Hale.

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Bachmann also claimed that he knew Halse as a student 20 years ago, having been a student at the Covenant School. “My wife was a substitute teacher back in 2004 when Audrey was in the second grade,” Bachmann said.

He remembered his beloved friend and custodian of Covenant School, Mike Hill.