Hundreds of protestors, chanting for gun control, stormed the Tennessee State Capitol building on Thursday. Videos of the alleged left-wing insurrection did rounds on social media.

Only earlier this week, Audrey Hale, a transgender shooter, killed three children and as many adults in a Nashville school. Now, gun violence advocates have gathered around the Tennessee Capitol building in protest.

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Videos of the city sheriff’s officers trying to keep the protestors out of the building was posted on Twitter.


“This is the most violent insurrection in human history. Democrats stormed the Tennessee state Capitol over LGBTQ concerns. Our state should immediately issue a state of emergency. This insurrection makes 9/11 look like an average day. ARREST THE INSURRECTIONISTS!” the Twitter user wrote.

Several social media users called on the FBI and National Guard to take action.

“Far left taking over Tennessee state Capitol , Where is the investigation and where is the #FBI,” a Twitter user said.

“Call for the National Guard and start charging people as insurrectionist,” another one added.

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“Send in the National Guard. Who is in charge?” a third one tweeted.


Can Tennessee State Capitol protestors be arrested?

A direct answer is Yes. Protestors in Tennessee can be arrested if they violate the state’s laws. They can be put behind bars for ‘trespassing, vandalism, disturbing the peace, blocking traffic, or engaging in violent or threatening behavior’.

But there are laws that protect an individuals rights to protest peacefully.

Tennessee also prohibits protestors from obstructing a highway, street, or sidewalk.

So far, there is no report of these protestors breaking any law. Videos of the insurrection can be evidence if and when agencies conduct an investigation.