On Wednesday, a man who was going through a divorce went to the pub where his wife was eating and shot her before starting to shoot randomly, killing three people and injuring six others before being shot and killed by police, according to Orange County officials.

Who is John Snowling?

John Snowling is a retired police officer from the City of Ventura.

John Snowling, 59, entered the Cook’s Corner pub in Orange County at 7 p.m. local time with two firearms. Before shooting his soon-to-be ex-wife and another woman she was dining with, Snowling and the two women had no altercation, according to Barnes.

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He claimed that the wife’s companion passed away at the scene and that she had been taken to the hospital.

Barnes claimed that after starting fire inside the bar, Snowling fled to a back parking lot area and started to gather two more weapons. The sheriff claims that at that point, a guy confronted Snowling and was then shot by the shooter.

Minutes after the gunfire started, sheriff’s deputies arrived, and when Snowling started shooting at them, they returned fire and killed him, according to Barnes.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been at least 465 mass shootings in the US this year with at least four victims each not including the gunman. The country reached the 400 threshold in July, the first month with such a high figure since 2013, the organisation claimed.

The tiny town restaurant and bar, which is around 50 miles southeast of Los Angeles, has now been added to the growing list of commonplace locations that gun violence has turned into crime scenes, including hotels, clothes stores, neighbourhoods and more.

67-year-old John Leehey was one of the three victims killed, according to the sheriff.

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Barnes reported that six individuals, including the shooter’s wife, were hurt by gunfire. Tetsuya Takeuchi, the trauma medical director at Providence Mission Hospital, reported that all of the injured were transported there and were in stable condition, despite the fact that two of them were in serious condition. He claimed that one individual has subsequently been freed. The hospital previously stated that a man wounded in the chest and a lady shot in the were the seriously injured patients.

Snowling’s wife was alert and conscious as of Thursday, Takeuchi said, noting one of her two children is with her at the hospital.

She had no restraining order in place against her soon-to-be ex-husband and the couple’s last divorce proceeding was in early August, although it isn’t immediately clear what was discussed during the hearing, Barnes said. There was no reported history of domestic violence, he added.