A 50-year-old man identified as Jose Santiago Chairez, an undocumented immigrant, has been apprehended in connection with a tragic incident involving the fatal shooting of two sisters in their residence in Farmers Branch, a city in Dallas located approximately 40 miles north of Downtown Dallas. The incident occurred on November 24 at around 4:20 a.m. The victims, Catalina Valdez Andrade (47) and Merced Andrade Bailon (43), both sustained gunshot wounds to the head.

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Chairez, now in custody at the Dallas County Jail, faces serious charges of capital murder and aggravated assault, as reported by Fox 4 KDFW. Disturbingly, the assailant also allegedly shot his own daughter, who was present at the scene, sustaining an injury to her arm. According to information from a police report disclosed by The Dallas Morning News, the daughter informed law enforcement that her father was responsible for the shootings.

The motive behind the heinous act remains unclear, and details regarding Chairez’s relationship with the victims, as well as the reason for his daughter’s presence in their home at the time, are yet to be determined. Chairez, arrested on the day of the incident, is currently held on a bond exceeding $2 million. Additionally, an immigration hold has been imposed, preventing his release, as reported by Fox 4.

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The tragic event unfolded at the residence located in the 13200 block of Castleton Place, marking a devastating occurrence that has raised questions about the circumstances leading to the violent assault on the two sisters and Chairez’s own daughter. The community is left grappling with the shock and loss resulting from this distressing incident.