A Maryland mother allegedly assaulted a 12-year-old girl she accused of bullying her daughter.

Who is Kelly Sadik? 

Kelly Sadik is a 41-year-old mother who entered Aberdeen Middle School and argued with a student which turns into a physical confrontation when she grabbed the girl’s arm as she tried to walk away. 

The student suffered minor injuries. Aberdeen Police Sgt. Jason Neidig said Sadik left “a pretty nice-sized red mark and bruise” on the girl’s arm.

The 41-year-old mother was arrested and charged with second-degree assault and trespassing. 

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Sadik reportedly buzzed into the middle school at around 8:15 am on Tuesday by the main office via the outside intercom. She headed directly to the classroom instead of signing in at the main office, as school protocol dictates. She was accompanied by her daughter.

A verbal confrontation escalated. She at one point placed her hands on the child, grabbing them in an effort to continue the conversation, the police investigation concluded.

A teacher when noticed this immediately intervened.

The victim’s father stated that he was shocked when got a call from the school informing the incident. Her grandmother, Judy Kibler questioned how Sadik got that far into the school. “She could have had a weapon. She could have anything. That is the most frightening part about it,” her father said while speaking to WBALTV. 

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Harford County Public Schools said in a statement that they have safety measures in place for visitors, and the school staff took action as soon as Sadik broke protocol.

“We vet folks that are coming into our schools. Protocol was followed today by our staff. Unfortunately, we had a parent that decided to break protocol. Fortunately, we had staff members who immediately identified, through their vigilance, and just knowing the building – that there was something that was not right and immediately stepped in to take action,” said Donoven Brooks, chief of safety and security at Harford County Public Schools.

Sadik is due in court in May.