A Texas man has filed a lawsuit invoking the state’s wrongful-death law against three friends of his ex-wife for allegedly helping her use an abortion pill without his knowledge.

Who is Marcus A Silva?

Marcus A Silva, the plaintiff seeks over a million dollars from each of the three women, defendants and an injunction restricting them from “distributing abortion pills.”

Marcus’ wife, Brittni Silva isn’t a defendant in the suit. The couple reportedly got divorced in February of this year.

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Marcus A. Silva of Galveston County, Texas alleges that Brittni, his then-wife got to know about her pregnancy in July 2022. She tried to conceal both the pregnancy and the self-managed abortion from him. 

The lawsuit had multiple evidences to prove his allegations that mainly relied on text messages exchanged last year between his ex-wife and her three friends who are defendants. The messages revealed discussions on ways of obtaining abortion pills and logistics involved in self-managing an abortion at home.

“You can do it at home. We can take the day off and do it at my place if you want,” one friend offered Brittni Silva.

Another message Brittni sent “your help means the world to me,” expressing gratitude to her friends. 

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Silva, the plaintiff is represented by attorney Jonathan Mitchell, who championed Senate Bill 8, the Texas Heartbeat Act. It is a unique Texas abortion law that lets private citizens sue those who facilitate abortions after fetal cardiac activity can be detected. The state representative is Briscoe Cain.

The lawsuit repeatedly called the abortion a “murder” of Silva’s “unborn child” with “illegally obtained pills.” It also claimed the friends conspired with the pregnant woman to secretly terminate her pregnancy. 

The man specifically implied that his ex-wife is “exempt from civil and criminal liability and he is not pursuing any claims against her.”