Due to some heated remarks by multi-millionaire televangelist Kenneth Copeland, a video of the conservative pastor and televangelist became viral online.

Copeland has long claimed that in order to fulfill their divinely mandated task of sharing the Gospel with the entire world, preachers of his caliber require their own jets. The preacher allegedly stated in this video that he preferred not to take a commercial flight because he did not “want to get into a tube with a bunch of demons.”

Copeland responded strongly when asked about the reported “demon” remark and whether he thinks people are demons: “No I do not and don’t you ever say I did.”

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Who is Kenneth Copeland?

Kenneth Max Copeland is an American televangelist associated with the charismatic movement. Eagle Mountain International Church Inc., the company he established in 1967, is headquartered in Tarrant County, Texas. On the Victory Channel, Copeland’s teachings are aired both domestically and abroad.

Along with his wife Gloria, Kenneth Copeland founded the Kenneth Copeland Ministry (KCM). The Ministry says its mission is to propagate the bible’s message and Christian religious teachings. In addition, Copeland established the Kenneth Copeland Bible College (KCBC), launched the Victory Channel in 2015, and published a considerable number of publications.

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Kenneth Copeland’s net worth:

Copeland is regarded as the richest preacher in America, with a purported net worth of $760 million. He admitted that for years, Texas taxpayers had been footing the bill for his $7 million tax-free mega-mansion. Copeland would otherwise pay more than $150,000 in property taxes per year without the tax reduction.

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The estate is set on the shores of Eagle Lake and has a tennis court, two garages, and a covered boat dock with three slips. Copeland apparently also owns a $20 million plane and a smaller jet close to a church-owned private airport that he uses for friends and personal getaways. Copeland bases his ministries on the idea that God wants everyone should be “financially successful.”