Kim Cutler, a teacher from Utah’s Nebo School district went viral for assigning an extra credit project to students which encouraged them to eat insects. It was for a lesson on climate change.

According to information obtained by Fox News Digital, she claimed that the assignment was meant to alleviate some of the harm done by raising cattle and eating beef. “Should we be eating bugs?” Cutler asked in a video that aired Sunday on Fox & Friends Weekend. “Yeah, because we’re killing the world by raising cows and animals,” she continued.

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Fourth-generation Georgia cattleman Will Harris pushed back against the notion. He is the former president of the American Grassfed Association in the 1990s.

“I am the fourth generation to manage this farm, and those four generations of 150 years have gone full cycle from a production model that was very focused on the animals, the land, and the community to, under my father’s watch and my early watch, a very industrial commodity, a centralized approach and now back to production models based on doing the right thing for the land, the animals and the community,” he said.

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Who is Kim Cutler?

In the climate change assignment, sixth graders had to write an argumentative essay about the benefits of eating insects for protein instead of cattle since cows. The point was to understand that cows or cattle destroy the ozone layer by releasing methane gas.

The catch was that students could not write against the stance even if they believed in the same. They had to write in favor of cows having a negative impact on the environment and eating bugs was the better alternative. This infuriated many of the parents.  “[My daughter] wasn’t given the option to give an argument,” concerned mom Amanda Wright said of the essay during a meeting with administrators.

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The administrators, however, chose to defend the decision by claiming the assignment asked students to come up with evidence that supports the theory that eating insects can save the planet. “How come we can’t state our opinion and write that we shouldn’t be eating bugs?” Wright asked Cutler. Cutler responded, “Because we don’t have any evidence to support it.”