On December 29th, a disturbing incident occurred in Chicago where a woman was filmed tearing down posters of kidnapped Israelis. The posters, part of a campaign to raise awareness about the kidnapping, were visibly damaged by the woman’s actions.

UPDATE: Identity of the Woman Revealed

The individual involved in this incident has been identified as Laila Ali.

Who is Laila Ali?

Laila Ali, based in Chicago, Illinois, is known for her role as a Patient Coordinator at Mindful Care. With a strong LinkedIn presence, Ali boasts a professional background that includes over three years in the mental health field and eight years as a customer service specialist. Her profile highlights her enthusiasm, detail-oriented approach, and excellent communication skills, which have earned her positive feedback from peers and clients alike.

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Professional Background

Ali’s career at Mindful Care began in March 2023, where she has been involved for 11 months as a mental health professional. Prior to this, she served as a Medical Administrator at Joy Center for over a year and seven months, handling administrative duties and overseeing billing with major insurance companies for clinics in Italy and Spain. Additionally, she has experience working as an Apple Specialist and a Treater at ASCEND TMS, where she was involved in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment.

The incident involving Laila Ali comes amidst a worrying trend of rising antisemitism in the United States, especially following October 7th. Reports indicate an increase in antisemitic incidents and expressions, raising concerns among communities and prompting calls for stronger measures to combat this form of hatred and discrimination.

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The act of tearing down posters of kidnapped Israelis by Ali, given her professional role in a field that emphasizes empathy and understanding, has been met with dismay and condemnation.