A Minnesota father walked into a police station “covered in blood” and admitted to fatally beating an elderly man with a shovel 15 to 20 times and “finished him off” with a moose antler.

Who is Levi William Axtell?

The suspect is a 27-year-old father, Levi William Axtell was taken into custody on Friday and charged with a second-degree murder charge for allegedly killing 77-year-old Lawrence V. Scully, who was convicted of molesting a 6-year-old girl in 1979., reported Fox News. 

Axtell doubted Scully and believed he was stalking his toddler daughter at her daycare, the probable cause affidavit reportedly mentioned. 

“(Axtell) said he had observed (Scully) parked in the vehicle at locations where children were present and believed he would re-offend,” the filings stated. 

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Axtell also filed an order of protection in 2018 against Scully, which he was granted initially but was dropped weeks later with no clarity on the reasons behind it. 

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office got a 911 call on March 8 shortly before 5 pm from a resident who watched someone pulling into Scully’s Grand Marais driveway, who then “smash a vehicle” and “run into the house.”

The caller then claimed to hear screaming coming from the house. While on call, a minute later, he told that the man was driving to the police station, which is about three blocks away.

That was when Axtell allegedly told police what happened. He was covered in blood and “put his hands on his head and said that he had murdered (Scully) with a shovel.”

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The 27-year-old was sued on Friday and is being held in the Cook County jail on a $1 million bond despite protest from his lawyer, Dennis Shaw. Shaw noted that Axtell had no serious criminal history until now. He was reportedly convicted of misconduct charges of disorderly conduct and underage drinking in 2014. 

Axtell has to remain in jail until the next court hearing, scheduled for April 10.