Mark Grenon and his family are currently on trial in Miami for allegedly setting up a fake church and earning over $1 million by falsely marketing deadly industrial bleach as a miraculous treatment for COVID-19, HIV, cancer, and other illnesses.

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Who is Mark Grenon?

Mark Grenon is a 65-year-old, who is currently facing criminal charges along with his sons Jonathan, 37, Joseph, 35, and Jordan, 29.

All of them were charged with federal crimes in 2020 for conspiring to defraud the US and selling industrial bleach as a cure for coronavirus through the family’s quasi-religious church, Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

The chemical in question was manufactured by the church, which was situated in Bradenton, Florida. According to investigators, the dangerous medicine was marketed as a “Miracle Mineral Solution,” promising to treat even fatal conditions like cancer.

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A federal judge reportedly commanded the church to put an end to the product’s sales back in 2020. The directive, however, was disregarded, and Genesis II kept selling the dangerous chemical.

Jonathan and Jordan Grenon were detained in Bradenton following the filing of the accusations in 2020, but Mark and Joseph escaped to Colombia, where they were caught by law enforcement. Colombian authorities then extradited Mark to the United States.

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Jonathan Grenon, Jordan Grenon, and Joseph Grenon have been locked in a federal jail for the previous couple of years. They have entered a not-guilty plea to the charges of criminal contempt and conspiracy to deceive the US government. They went on trial on Monday.

According to the Miami Herald, the four men appeared in court wearing identical beige prison uniforms, beards, and ponytails. According to reports, the Grenons have made the decision to represent themselves in court. However, The Herald did point out that they chose not to make an opening statement.