A Nevada grand jury has issued a six-count indictment against a 34-year-old man, on felony charges related to alleged threats of carrying out a mass shooting at a Stanley Cup Final hockey game in Las Vegas.

Who is Matthew DeSavio?

Matthew DeSavio was charged with threatening an act of terrorism, burglary, and stalking.

The indictment comes after Las Vegas police arrested DeSavio just hours before Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final was scheduled to begin at T-Mobile Arena. The Vegas Golden Knights ultimately won the championship that evening by defeating the Florida Panthers. However, the indictment does not specify whether DeSavio was in possession of any weapons at the time of his arrest.

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Jessica Murphy, a deputy public defender who previously represented DeSavio in competency hearings, declined to comment on the indictment. The Clark County public defender’s office stated that the case had not yet been assigned to a lawyer who could provide immediate comment on DeSavio’s behalf.

DeSavio is currently being held without bail in a county jail in downtown Las Vegas and has not entered a plea. His arraignment is scheduled for the following week in Clark County District Court.

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According to law enforcement and prosecutors, DeSavio had allegedly made threats through text messages, phone calls, and social media posts in which he threatened to carry out a shooting at the hockey game, an act that would rival the tragic October 2017 mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip. The 2017 incident was the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, resulting in 60 fatalities and hundreds of injuries. At least three individuals had contacted the police about DeSavio’s threats, leading to his arrest.