Amidst the grief and apprehension following the devastating Lewiston mass shooting, a concerning incident has emerged, involving the arrest of 18-year-old Michael Bowden from Etna, Maine. The Somerset County Sheriff’s Office took action in response to reports that Bowden had posted a selfie with a firearm and the caption “Lewiston part 2” on Snapchat, leading to charges of terrorizing.

The troubling nature of the post, in conjunction with the recent tragedy, has heightened concerns about public safety and the need for proactive measures to prevent potential threats.

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Who is Michael Bowden?

Michael Bowden, a former employee of the Palmyra Walmart, was apprehended at his residence in Etna without resistance by law enforcement officials. According to the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office, Bowden had been observed frequently in the Walmart parking lot in recent times, raising further questions about his motives and intentions.

The seized Savage bolt-action hunting rifle, featured in Bowden’s social media post, has been retained as crucial evidence in the ongoing investigation. Despite the severity of the charges, Bowden was released on $10,000 cash bail following his arrest, prompting discussions about the handling of potential threats and the necessity for stringent safety protocols.

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The incident has left the local community and authorities on edge, emphasizing the critical importance of maintaining a proactive approach to security measures and preemptive actions to prevent potential acts of violence. Law enforcement agencies have been urged to remain vigilant and responsive to any signs of potential danger, particularly in the aftermath of significant tragedies that can exacerbate existing tensions and anxieties.