In a disturbing incident captured on video today, Sophie Pommier, a Paris University lecturer, was seen destroying posters depicting children kidnapped by Hamas. The incident unfolded in Paris, raising widespread concern and condemnation over the troubling display of action by the academic figure.

During the incident, a woman confronted Pommier, highlighting the atrocities committed by Hamas, emphasizing the kidnapping and murder of innocent individuals. Shockingly, Pommier responded by stating, “I support the terrorists,” further adding to the gravity of the situation.

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Who is Sophie Pommier?

Sophie Pommier, according to her LinkedIn profile, is affiliated with the French Foreign Affairs Ministry and serves as a university lecturer. Her profile highlights her expertise in Arab world geopolitics, with a comprehensive background in consulting, diplomacy, and research.

Pommier’s contributions include the creation and management of an extensive network of 200 experts from the Arab world, underscoring her significant involvement in the field.

Just a couple of days ago, the European Commission has strongly condemned the recent surge in antisemitic incidents across Europe, including attacks on synagogues, desecration of Jewish cemeteries, and hate demonstrations. Commission reaffirmed its commitment to protecting all communities, the EU emphasizes the need to enforce laws against hate speech and violence rigorously.

With a comprehensive strategy on combating antisemitism and an anti-racism action plan in place, the EU pledged to enhance security measures, increase funding for protection, and enforce regulations on online platforms to counter antisemitic and anti-Muslim content.

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As the disturbing footage of Pommier’s actions continues to circulate, it has sparked a broader discussion about the ethical responsibilities of academics and professionals, especially concerning their public statements and actions.