Local law enforcement officials and the FBI conducted a search of a residence on South Broad Street in Porterdale, Newton County, on Thursday in relation to Morgan Bauer’s 2016 disappearance.

Authorities claimed that new information supplied to them was what sparked the search, but they were unable to provide any further information. In a press conference announcing the development, Porterdale Police Sgt. Michael Walden stated that “the search warrant was obtained based on credible information and evidence gathered during the course of this investigation.

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The operation is taking place at 2 South Broad St. in Porterdale. Nobody is currently being held in custody, and the property’s present owners are helping with the inquiry.

Who is Morgan Bauer?

Morgan Bauer is a 19-year-old girl who went missing in 2016 in Atlanta. Bauer was last spotted in an Instagram video taken at a park about 10 minutes walk away from the raid location, according to authorities.

Bauer, who was originally from South Dakota, had moved to Georgia two weeks before going missing. According to reports, she was looking for an opportunity to start over and was working as a stripper at a pub called ‘Teasers’.

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Bauer’s mother, Sherri Sichmeller, revealed in a 2017 interview that her daughter just had $20 when she relocated to Georgia and was anticipating a tax refund that never came through. Sichmeller told WSB-TV that the missing teenager “was planning to stay with somebody that she had talked to on Craigslist.” However, because of disagreements with her new flatmate, that arrangement came to an end after just one night.

“From what I understand she’d left her clothes there because she didn’t know what to do. And then she went to go try to find a place to stay a hotel, and that’s what brought her to dancing,” Sichmeller said.

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Bauer’s whereabouts have been a subject of continuing investigation, and recent findings suggest that the sequence of events may have changed. Investigators discovered that her most recent social media post, in which she is seen in a park with a male following close behind, was made on February 26, rather than February 25, as had been previously believed. The man’s whereabouts and identity are currently unknown.

Police said they have found “items of evidentiary interest” related to the search for Morgan Bauer’s remains during a press conference on Thursday afternoon.