Editor of The New York Times Book Review Pamela Paul has only recently started writing columns for the newspaper’s opinion page. Yet, she has already earned a reputation for herself through provocative questions that, in her opinion, are intended to uncover the alleged evil acts of the left, including cultural and identity politics.

This time, Paul has drawn criticism for attempting to counter accusations that J.K. Rowling is a transphobe made by the supposedly “noisy fringe of the internet and a number of powerful transgender rights activists and LGBTQ lobbying groups.”

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Who is Pamela Paul?

Pamela Paul is an American columnist, journalist, editor, and author.  She oversaw book coverage and hosted the Book Review podcast during her nine years as editor of The New York Times Book Review. In addition, she has written eight books of her own.

In 2022, she started writing opinion pieces for The New York Times. Her articles, which are published regularly in the Times, have addressed a wide range of subjects and have received a lot of reader feedback. These pieces include statements she has made that her critics have found disrespectful towards transgender persons.

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Her most recent piece claims that the accusations against Rowling are false, dangerous, and a reminder of how writers like J K or even Salman Rushdie are often demonized. She has defended Rowling by asserting that nothing J. K. has ever said can be interpreted as transphobic.

“Why would anyone accuse her (Rowling)  of transphobia? The answer is straightforward. Because she has asserted the right to spaces for biological women only, such as domestic abuse shelters and sex-segregated prisons. Because she has insisted that when it comes to determining a person’s legal gender status, self-declared gender identity is insufficient.Because she has expressed skepticism about phrases like ‘people who menstruate’ in reference to biological women.”

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For obvious reasons, Paul is now facing harsh criticism for her post on Rowling, causing a stir on Twitter. These are a few reactions of the same: