Shauntae Heard, who gained notoriety for knocking over a street performer’s piano in Athens, Georgia, has issued an apology on Facebook.

In the viral video initially shared by the pianist on his TikTok account @thatandrewshoe, he can be seen playing the piano on the street at night. In a voice-over, he describes the incident as one of the worst things that has happened to him while street performing.

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In the video, a girl suddenly approaches and aggressively hits the piano. Despite the interruption, the musician continues to play. Later, the same woman, Shauntae Heard, returns with a group of friends and strikes the keyboard again, causing the entire instrument to fall to the ground. A passerby can be heard yelling, “Boo that woman.”

Who is ‘Piano Girl’ Shauntae Heard?

Shauntae Heard posted an apology on her now-deleted Facebook account and her Instagram profile @atl.minit. Screenshots of her apology have been circulating on social media. In her statement, she expressed remorse, saying, “Public service announcement. I’m sorry to everyone that has seen the viral video.” She acknowledged that her actions were wrong and ignorant but asked that her family not be involved.

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Heard clarified that she didn’t steal any money or damage the piano, emphasizing that she is human and has made mistakes like everyone else. She apologized again for her actions and acknowledged that it was not right. She mentioned having spoken to the musician and shared a screenshot of their conversation in which he accepted her apology. He explained that while he wasn’t initially upset when she hit the piano the first time, the second incident was quite upsetting, emphasizing that actions have consequences.