A horrible event occurred in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, where Tiffanie Lucas, 32, a mother, was arrested and charged with two charges of murder. 

When reports of a gunshot at the property with injuries were received at 11:07 a.m., the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the upsetting incident. According to WLKY, a worried neighbor went into the home and found the kids in a bedroom covered in blood, with a gun lying on the bed.

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Due to their gunshot wounds, both children were sent to Norton’s Children’s Hospital in Louisville as soon as police officers arrived. 

Who is Tiffanie Lucas?

Tiffanie Lucas is 32 years old. She is charged with shooting her two children, ages six and nine, to death on Wednesday morning inside their home.

In relation to the sad incident that took the lives of her two children, Tiffanie Lucas, 32, is facing two counts of murder. A worried neighbor came home to find the kids in a bedroom in their Shepherdsville home, their bodies covered in blood, and a gun on the bed.

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The two kids, ages six and nine, tragically passed away at Louisville’s Norton’s Children’s Hospital from their wounds. Even after surgery, by 2:50 p.m., officials verified the devastating news of their demise.

Tiffanie Lucas was arrested after the incident and charged with two charges of murder. At 3:45 p.m., she was checked into the Bullitt County Detention Center.

“The investigation is in its early stages and once more information becomes available, it may be released,” the sheriff’s office said. As of right now, it seems that everyone involved in this incident has been found, and the neighborhood is not in danger.” Lucas’s arraignment hearing is set for this Thursday morning.

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“It’s sad, I mean what’s this world come to for a mother to shoot her two children like that,” neighbor Steve Steier said, expressing his anguish. “It’s devastating, I mean as a mother I can’t imagine thinking that’s the only way,” said neighbor Amanda Mangis.