Adrienne Vaughan, 45, the president of the world-renowned publisher Bloomsbury’s American office, was identified as the American tourist who died in a boat accident off the Amalfi coast in Italy on Thursday.

Cause of death

Vaughan was on vacation in Europe with her husband Mike White and their children Leanna and Mason. The family was on a 29-foot speedboat off the Amalfi coast, near the southern city of Naples, when it collided with a 130-foot sailing ship carrying 85 German and American visitors celebrating a wedding.

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During the accident, Vaughan was apparently pushed overboard and fell into the ocean, where she was killed by the boat’s propeller. Despite the fact that two ambulances and a helicopter were reportedly dispatched to the scene, she was confirmed dead before she could be brought to a hospital.

The wedding guests, who were believed to be disturbed, returned to port to be questioned by authorities about the disaster.

The Amalfi Port Authority has initiated an investigation into the collision.

It’s unknown how the two boats collided right now.

“We are shocked, we are waiting to know the facts,” the pleasure boat firm in Nerano said, according to local media.

Net Worth

Vaughan became president of Bloomsbury USA, the American division of the famed British publishing business that released the Harry Potter series, in September 2021, a position she has held for nearly two years. She worked for Disney’s editing team from 2015 to 2018. Her net worth has not been disclosed.

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Vaughan was married to Mike White in 2008. Her husband dislocated his shoulder and cut his arm in the accident. He had also fallen into the water and was taken to the hospital with some injuries but survived the incident.


Vaughan and White have two children —a 14-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy- Leanna and Mason.

The children were uninjured in this fatal accident, though local media reported they were panicked seeing their mother in the water.