Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz, a Mexican-born soldier, was found dead last Monday, March 13, at the Fort Hood military base in Texas. Officials have confirmed that possible harassment is part of the investigation. However, the army has said that no foul play is suspected in her death.

As per local television network KWTX, Ruiz spent the last 15 months at Fort Hood. She was 20 years old.

The soldier was a combat engineer with the 1st Cavalry Division.

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Who was Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz?

Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz was a 20-year-old combat engineer. Ruiz was serving in the 1st Cavalry Division, Pvt for the past 15 months. 

“The Army Criminal Investigation Division and the chain of command are actively investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding her death. The chain of command is in contact with her family to keep them updated, receive any concerns, and provide them all releasable information,” the Cavalry Division statement read.

There isn’t any clarity yet on the concerning cause of death or the circumstances in which it occurred. 

US Army base Fort Hood in Texas is investigating the death of the Mexican-born female soldier on March 13. “Department of the Army Criminal Investigation Division officials have confirmed that at this point there is no indication of foul play. The investigation is ongoing, however,” said Fort Hood in a statement on Thursday. 

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It also mentioned that the chain of command is providing support to her family and the troop with whom she served. 

“Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time. She was an exceptional teammate that will truly be missed,” said Lieutenant colonel Patrick Sullivan, commander of the 91st Engineer Battalion.

Another soldier, Specialist (Spc) Vanessa Guillén, 20, was sexually harassed and killed at a military base near Killeen, Texas in 2020. An investigation into Guillén’s death revealed that she was killed by a fellow soldier and was also sexually harassed. Leaders failed to take appropriate action in the case, reported Spectrum News.