Destiny Abdrazack, a woman from California, died in a tragic house fire sparked by an artificial Christmas tree early on Christmas morning.

At around 2 a.m. on Sunday, an electrical shock from the tree caused a raging fire where Abdrazack, 22, was spending Christmas Eve with her fiancé’s family at their North Highlands home, according to NBC affiliate KCRA3.

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Who was Destiny Abdrazack? 

Destiny Abdrazack lived in North Highlands, California. She was 22 years old and died on December 25, 2022 in a deadly house fire.

Around 2 a.m. on Sunday, an artificial Christmas tree at Abzardak’s residence on David Drive started a house fire. The fire, according to investigators, was started by an electrical short from the Christmas tree, and there were no functional smoke detectors in the house. Abdrazack died in the house fire while saving everyone else.

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The five other residents of the house that lacked functioning smoke detectors, were awakened when Abdrazack yelled that there were flames, according to Ernest Isom, her fiancé’s father.

Isom described the woman who would eventually become his future daughter-in-law to KCRA3: “She was the one screaming fire and that’s the sad part.” “She saved our lives,” he added. 

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Firefighters managed to rescue Abdrazack from the burning house, but she later passed away at a local hospital.

When a loud noise woke them up, neighbours  peered out the window. According to Richard Byers,”You could see the flickering light on the tree and that’s kind of like the telltale sign of a fire,”

The Abdrazack  family  was outdoors as he and his wife Brandy Byers rushed three doors down.

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“They were screaming, ‘Destiny! There’s someone inside! There’s someone inside!’ There’s nothing any of us could do,” Brandy said.

The family lost everything, including two dogs. But Isom calls Abdrazack — she was his future daughter-in-law — a hero for her quick actions.