Lavel Davis Jr., a junior at the University of Virginia who was killed along with two others in the fatal shooting on Sunday, was a potential NFL draft, Newsweek reports. The shooting took place at the Charlottesville campus of the University of Virginia, which is located on Cubeth road.

Davis’ passing was confirmed by Sean Lampkin, a football coach and recruiting coordinator for Newbury College. Newsweek says that Lampkin was Davi’s cousin.

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Two other victims of the shooting, Devin Chandler and D’Sean Perry, were also American football players, WTOP news reported. They were killed near the parking lot of the Charlottesville campus.

Who was Lavel Davis Jr.?

Lavel Davis Junior was a wide receiver with Virginia Cavaliers, the University of Virginia football team. He was born in Dorchester, South Carolina

He enjoyed an excellent freshman year with the Cavaliers catching 20 passes for 515 yards and five touchdowns. He had a 25.8-yard-per-reception mark, which ranked him second in the nation among school football players. Newsweek says that a knee injury had kept him out in 2021, and since his recent return, he suffered a concussion which kept him out for a while.

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Due to his strong performance, many in the industry were floating his name as a prospective NFL draft in the future. Ryan Roberts, an NFL draft analyst, had tweeted his name among six potential 2023 draft outliers.

“Saddening, saddening news this morning,” Sean Lampkin said in the tweet after his death. “God took one of his most kind, humble, loving soldiers off of the battlefield last night. Please pray for my family as we are devastated by the passing [of] my cousin Lavel Davis Jr. Love and already miss you, kid,” he added.