Mohammad Khair Hani Ali Zaid AlKilany was killed in a suspected road rage attack in Marina Del Rey. He was fatally killed on the corner of Hill and 1st Streets in downtown Los Angeles on Friday night and police were searching for the suspect.

Officer Jader Chaves said that police were called to the scene, near the Civic Center/Grand metro station around midnight. They were informed that the victim had been in an argument with a 23-year-old white man when he pulled out a gun and shot the victim.

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Who was Mohammad Khair Hani Ali Zaid AlKilany?

Mohammad Khair Hani Ali Zaid AlKilany was a 25-year-old Jordanian man. He was described by friends and neighbors as a music lover and a surfer who was making his life in Southern California. His friends called him Kilani.

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He lived in the Los Angeles region. Kilani had been working in real estate before he was fatally shot.

“He was my best friend. … He was always there to support me. I can only remember him as funny and sweet and a rock, really,” said Ash Carrillo, who was Kilani’s neighbor with him in Venice.

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The 36-year-old victim was in a car with a close friend near Marina Del Rey when a driver cut them off and started a conflict, Carrilo said. At a spotlight, Kilani got out of his car to talk but the other driver escalated the situation.

According to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, Kilani was shot in the chest. He was declared dead on the spot.

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He dreamed about living in California when he was growing up in Jordan, where almost all his family lives. He hadn’t visited home in years as he waited for his green card.

“We were kind of his family here. He had his chosen family here, that’s for sure,” Carrillo said.