Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson may soon work together after their dismissal from the jobs they held at CNN and Fox News, respectively. Now, the jobless anchors could join NewsNation since the new cable news network wants both of them.

Carlson’s termination as the conservative Fox network’s primetime host was made public on Monday. Sometime later, Lemon surprised CNN viewers when he announced his dismissal on Twitter.

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NewsNation is attempting to capitalize on the commotion as the other networks struggle to find talent to fill the experienced anchors’ positions.

The news of their dismissals was released on Monday, which suited NewsNation perfectly since it had just begun airing programs 24 hours a day this week.

Additionally, the fact that both of these men are well-known, prominent figures in the news industry appeals to NewsNation executives since they might each draw in sizable segments of a varied audience.

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According to TMZ, NewsNation understands that Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson each have their own baggage, but the executives evidently believe they can handle it. Additionally, getting both of them on board would apparently not be a replacement strategy. The news organization is simply going to grow its staff and develop new TV shows.

A team was said to have flown to NYC to discuss the potential new employees, turning a blind eye to the past scandals at their former networks. The insider told TMZ that despite being well aware of both anchors’ faults, NewsNation executives were prepared to take on any baggage if it meant securing the high-profile talent.

However, NewsNation’s main issue seems to be finance. Despite Lemon and Carlson being unemployed, they weren’t exactly in any difficulty economically given their prior earnings.

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With a salary comparable to Lemon’s $7 million from CNN, Carlson was believed to have made $20 million from Fox News annually. While NewsNation is unlikely to match or even come close to either, only time will tell if they can find enough money to hire at least one newly unemployed anchor.